Cheap CBD Oil on Amazon UK? Think Again!

If you’ve found cheap CBD oil on Amazon, why you might want to reconsider and here is why!

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on websites such as Amazon buying CBD products that contain no CBD. Let’s get this straight out of the way right at the start. Amazon’s sales policy prevents the sale of CBD products.

The only ingestible hemp products that are permitted for sale on are those products that contain cold-pressed hemp seed oil from the Cannabis sativa plant and that do not contain CBD, THC, or other cannabinoids.

I know what you’re thinking; there’s CBD on Amazon right now?

The first thing you’re doing right now is heading to Amazon and searching for CBD products, and you’ll find hundreds. Even if you search for CBD, products will be displayed regardless of Amazon’s policy on selling CBD products. Strange, right?

So, if a seller is selling something listed as ‘CBD,’ it’s either fake, or they are breaking Amazon’s terms and conditions and listing CBD products with vague and misleading descriptions, which means that they can get banned and you can be left with a product that you can’t return.

One of the many ways sellers try to fool buyers on Amazon is by listing CBD products with high dose numbers. You think you are getting 5000mg of premium CBD, but all you are buying is hemp oil or some other oil with a net weight of 5000mg.

If a lot of CBD oil on Amazon is fake, why are there great reviews?

They are 100% fake!  The biggest problem with many of the reviews on Amazon, is that companies get buyers to leave reviews by offering them free products. First, you buy a product, and then the company writes you and says something like ‘we hope you enjoy the product, if you leave a review, we’ll send you another one free’ or something like this.

There are also a whole bunch of people who make money from leaving reviews and testimonials on products on platforms such as Amazon. We’re not saying that all reviews are fake, but some of them definitely are.

Another reason for good reviews could be put down to the placebo effect. You paid a lot of money for your CBD product, and you want it to work so much that you believe it does. Your mind is exceptionally good at making you believe you have got something that works, regardless of what the truth may be.

To prove our point, we bought a CBD product and had it tested!

Just to show you that we are not talking hot air here, we decided to put our money where our mouth is and bought a ‘CBD product’ from Amazon. The product we purchased was Premium Hemp Pure Oil, Vegan Friendly, New Formula (30ML 15000MG). Note the 15000mg. Very deceptive, 15000mg of what perhaps? Not CBD, that’s for sure. According to the lab results below, there’s barely a hint of CBD, far less than the 15000mg number alludes to.

Whenever you’re buying any CBD products, always be wary of a product that are being sold at much lower prices than everyone else. The manufacturing and extraction process to obtain Cannabidiol from hemp is expensive and time-consuming. It’s because of this that CBD oil is so much more expensive than hemp oil.

fake cbd oil uk lab test results


Are sellers deliberately misleading buyers, or are buyers confused?

Hemp seed oil has been around for decades. It’s a popular oil found in various health food stores Worldwide and is made by pressing and processing hemp seeds. There is extraordinarily little CBD to be found in hemp seeds. All the Cannabidiol is found in the flower and leaves and other plant material. Hemp seed oil may be great for your health, but it doesn’t contain any amount of Cannabidiol (CBD).

As the popularity of Cannabidiol products increases, we have seen a lot more hemp products hitting the shelves of businesses around the World, with many not having the consumer's best interests at heart.

If sellers were more educated about CBD products, it would be harder for unscrupulous sellers to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, as the CBD industry itself is relatively new, there is a steep learning curve for many beginners.

So, can I buy CBD oil on eBay?

No. eBay’s policy on selling CBD products is the same as Amazon’s, but don’t be surprised to find the same tricks and misconceptions being used there by unscrupulous sellers looking to take advantage of their buyers.

The biggest issue with fake CBD is that it could potentially turn someone away from a product that has the potential to help them. If the first CBD product you purchased was fake and didn’t contain any CBD, you’re not highly likely to spend any more of your money on legitimate CBD products.

Not only that, but there is a fair chance that you would tell everyone else you knew not to buy CBD products as-well. Fake CBD products aren’t just hurting the consumer. They’re hurting the entire CBD industry.

(POST UPDATED 2021) Amazon has updated their CBD policy, but does it fix the problem of poor CBD products?

Recently Amazon quietly started a pilot program that allowed invited CBD companies, to sell their products on the Amazon platform. Still, it is only in the United Kingdom, and the companies invited to participate are very limited.

So, should you buy CBD oil on Amazon or eBay?

If you’re buying from one of the authorized CBD sellers on, then we would say yes, go ahead and grab your CBD oil, but if it’s from another seller or labelled suspiciously, then avoid it like the plague. You would be better off just throwing your money down the drain rather than buying some of the phony hemp products being sold as CBD on Amazon.

Below are some examples of legitimate CBD products available on Amazon:

Natures Aid CBD Oil 5% Spray, 500 mg
Fourfive CBD Oil Spray, 500mg Cannabidiol
Bulk CBD Oil Dropper, CBD Drops, Unflavoured, 500 mg
Cannaray CBD + Curcumin Soft-Gel Capsules - Medium Strength, 450mg
Green Stem Strawberry CBD Oil 1000mg
Healthspan Ultra Strength CBD Oil Drops, 1,000 mg, Delicious Mint Flavour, 10 ml

We also suggest avoiding eBay if you’re looking for premium CBD oil products that contain any amount of CBD. They still have not changed their policy on selling CBD products on their website, so it’s either fake, or sellers are illegally listing and selling CBD products to get around eBay’s terms and conditions.

Should you buy from Amazon UK if you want the best CBD oil in the UK?

No, and here’s why. Too many companies that are trying to sell CBD products on websites such as Amazon or eBay are looking to sell bulk amounts of products at the lowest cost. While they may contain Cannabidiol, you never know how the CBD was sourced or which type of CBD they have used.

Many of these companies use lab-engineered products that use CBD isolate or weak and low-quality hemp extracts rather than organic full-spectrum CBD. Buying CBD products that are made with full-spectrum CBD extract, premium organic ingredients and then backed up with full laboratory testing reports is the only way to guarantee you’re getting a premium product.

So, where should you buy premium, high-quality CBD oil in the UK?

That is easy, from us at Ruderalex! Below we have listed why we are setting the gold standard in the CBD industry and leading the way when it comes to premium, high-quality CBD products that customers can rely on:

  • All Ruderalex products are made to Bio Suisse standards. When you buy our CBD oils you are getting a product that features high quality ingredients made through Bio Suisse certified cultivation, meeting all Swiss organic regulations, has been heavily vetted and tested for quality.
  • You’re getting a wholesome product that’s 100% organic contains no GMOs and has been rigorously tested for contaminants.
  • Made by the pioneers of high quality hemp and cannabis in Switzerland, with over 25 years of organic growing experience and over 15 years in hemp/cannabis cultivation.
  • You’re getting a 100% Organic product.
  • 100% Swiss made products produced by one of Europe’s leaders in hemp cultivation.
  • You’re getting a 100% consistent quality product.
  • All the Ruderalex CBD products are 100% transparent and contain a detailed and accurate list of ingredients that are backed up by laboratory testing.
  • Ruderalex is 100% customer oriented. They’re not happy unless their customers are happy too.

If you’re looking for a premium CBD product, don’t look on Amazon or waste your money on eBay's fake CBD products. Buy Ruderalex for all your premium CBD oils and CBD products. We utilize the best hemp CBD extract that has been certified 100% organic in Switzerland, backed up by quality guarantees and independent third-party laboratory tests. 


best cbd oil lab test result uk



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