RUDERALEX® is dedicated to bring you the finest CBD products, using innovative techniques and market leading research to develop the best for our customers.

Here are our top 6 features that make us stand out as being one of the best producers of CBD hemp products in the World!

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Production To Bio Suisse Standards

All of our products are made to Bio Suisse standards and all practices have been certified as organic in Switzerland.

Bio Suisse not only ensures that farming methods are organic, but the environment in which plants are grown is natural, that manufacturing does not introduce any contaminants and that transport of of goods is done using the most environmentally friendly method.

The result is one of the most natural, organic and wholesome cbd products in the World!

Finest Organic Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum Extract

In the UK you will find many companies touting as having the strongest CBD extracts, however in most cases these are simply CBD isolates mixed with a carrier oil being sold at high prices!

All our CBD oils contain only organic full spectrum or broad spectrum (no THC) extracts, which gives you the the additional benefits of other cannabinoids, such as: CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and legal levels of THC.

Together these work in addition with naturally present terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients, to produce the entourage effect, which is a more powerful extract than using CBD alone.

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Internally and 3rd Party Lab Tested

With the CBD industry being one of the most strictly market in the UK, we pride ourselves in double testing all of our products.

In addition to each batch being tested in house for the highest quality, all products are verified for consistency through 3rd party lab test results.

Most companies test for cannabinoids, however as a gold standard product we go beyond this basic amount of cannabis testing and also test for the following:

1) CBD and Cannabinoid Testing

2) Pollutant Testing

3) Heavy Metal Testing

4) Pesticide Testing

5) Terpene Testing

To learn more about our test processes and why they are import, click here to read more.

RUDERALEX® is the standard of the best quality CBD oils and products.

Best CO2 Extraction Process

The high strength hemp extract found in our products is produced using the state-of-art specialist Apeks CO2 technology.

The result is one of the most purist hemp extracts using supercritical CO2 extraction methods.

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Made in Switzerland

When you think of hemp or cannabis then most people relate Holland or Colorado USA as the home for the best products.

However, the country which is known for making the best watches and chocolate in the World is also equally the producer of the finest Hemp/Cannabis products that you will not find anywhere else.

RUDERALEX® is 100% Swiss made!

Over 15 Years Experience With Hemp/Cannabis Cultivation and Over 25 Years In Using The Best Organic Farming Methods

RUDERALEX® is made by the most passionate Hemp/Cannabis growers in Switzerland. All the expertise is in-house with 15+ years of growing hemp and cannabis, resulting in a CBD Cannabis Cup winning strain.

With 25+ years experience in the highest standards of organic farming, you can rest assure that the products you buy from us, are the most natural and wholesome available on the UK market today!

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