RUDERALEX® CBD Launched in the UK

The industry has had many issues surrounding lack of customer confidence buying CBD food supplements and that is why the RUDERALEX® brand has been launched to restore this lack of trust.

We introduce to you the gold standard CBD range:

- RUDERALEX® is grown and manufactured by the largest Swiss growers in Switzerland

- Made to the best organic standards using Swiss certified Bio Suisse cultivation methods

- Hemp grown by one of the largest producers in Switzerland with over 25 years of experience in organic farming and 15 years in Cannabis growing.

RUDERALEX® is made with one of the most pure hemp extracts, resulting in a powerful natural food supplement.

- Lab tested for consumer confidence and to verify quality of product for one of the best CBD products in the UK.

- Produced with the vision to give consumers a wholesome experience of the power of hemp using the finest hemp extract and ingredients.

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