Recipe For CBD Oil Butter


cbd oil infused butter recipe

How To Make CBD Oil Infused Butter

Butter is one of the most popular household staple ingredients when it comes to cooking and having a CBD infused butter makes it easy to never miss your dose of Cannabidiol.

Incorporating CBD into your daily cooking makes it an convenient way to use cannabidiol especially if you already use butter a lot any way.

Use CBD infused butter first thing in the morning on your toast or as an ingredient in your meals throughout the day.


- 1 x bar of butter

- 1 cup of water (to help regulate temperature and prevent butter from burning)

- CBD oil


1. Put the butter and water into a pan and melt over low heat

2. Take a thermometer and ensure temperature between 60 - 90 degrees Celsius to avoid burning cannabinoids

3. Stir in the CBD oil

4. Over low heat leave the mixture for 2 hours

5. Cool mixture

6. Give final stir and pour into an airtight container

7. Label up and store in refridgerator

8. Enjoy and use like normal butter