Your Guide to Buying CBD Hemp Products in London (LDN)

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CBD has exploded in popularity around the world. Most developed countries have legalized the sale and production of hemp, but the laws will vary depending on where you are. We have access to CBD products in the UK, but the regulations around the sale, possession, and production of hemp-derived products are anything but clear. 

The following guide will cover everything you need to know about the legality of cannabis products and your best available options for purchasing CBD in London. We will cover: 

  • The legal history of cannabis/hemp in London
  • Regulations regarding CBD products
  • Types of CBD products
  • Where CBD can be legally purchased in London
  • How to buy CBD online

Brief History of Cannabis/Hemp in London

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Cannabis production in London dates to the 15th century. In 1563 King Henry VIII ordered all landholders to set aside one-quarter acre of hemp for every sixty acres they owned to keep up with the demand for sailcloth. Hemp was a critical factor in building the British Navy and expanding the empire across the world. 

In 1563, Queen Elizabeth I reintroduced the law and even fined landowners who didn't comply. The hemp industry flourished, becoming one of the most important aspects of the British economy. In the 1630s, demand for hemp sails rose again in response to colonization efforts in the new world. 

Recreational cannabis use wasn't popularized until the early 1900s in London with the rise of jazz music. The counterculture eventually evolved into rock and roll and became mainstream. UK bands like The Beatles and Pink Floyd glorified cannabis and psychedelic use in their songs and lifestyles, turning countless young Londoners on to the drug. 

Today cannabis culture thrives in the heart of London. While illegal, it's nearly impossible to walk through King's Cross without catching a whiff of cannabis smoke. There are even secret Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes in London, but they are regularly shut down and relocated. 

Legality of Cannabis in London

Despite helping the British Empire expand globally, the UK banned cannabis in 1928, including industrial hemp. Medical cannabis was legalised in 2018, but it is still challenging to get a license or refill a prescription. 

Industrial hemp is legal in the UK but is only permitted for harvesting plant fibre and seeds. Hemp farmers are required by law, to destroy cannabinoid-rich flowers. 

Types of Cannabis Defined by the EU – Hemp vs. Cannabis

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Cannabis sativa is a type of plant that includes industrial hemp and cannabis. In the EU and UK, hemp plants are defined as cannabis that contains no more than 0.2% THC. All cannabis cultivation and production in the UK is illegal under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971. However, just as industrial hemp is permitted with a proper license, CBD products are also legal in the UK. 

Legality of CBD Products in London

Certain Low THC hemp-derived products are legal in London and across the UK due to the EU's classification as a novel food in 2019. Even though the UK has left the EU, the FSA's position on CBD hasn't changed. THC potency limits are restricted to 0.2% across Europe, but according to The Extract, the UK has a maximum of 1mg of THC and CBN per container for specific products. The belief that all CBD products, regardless of size, are allowed to possess 0.2% THC potency levels is a common myth believed by both CBD companies and users. 

Selling CBD products in the UK requires companies to apply for a Novel Foods license before 31 March 2021. 

CBD laws in London are extremely confusing and commonly misunderstood. The only way to fully understand the legality is to review the status for every individual type of cannabis product; here's a rundown for each: 

  • Medical cannabis – legal with a doctor's prescription and medical card
  • Recreational cannabis – 100% illegal
  • Isolate CBD oil – 100% legal
  • Full-spectrum CBD Oil – Legal if the product contains under 0.2% THC and CBN
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil – Legal if the product has under 0.2% CBN
  • CBD topicals – Legal if the product contains under 0.2% THC and CBN
  • CBD Cosmetics – Legal if the product contains less than 1mg of THC and CBN per container
  • Edible CBD products (gummies, brownies, candy) – Legal if the product contains under 0.2% THC and CBN
  • Pet CBD products – Legal if the product contains under 0.2% THC and CBN
  • CBD vapes – Legal if the product contains less than 1mg of THC and CBN per container
  • Hemp flower – 100% illegal

Types of CBD Products You Can Buy in London


CBD oil is still the most popular way to use CBD in London. Oil is meant to be used sublingually, meaning dissolved under the tongue. The mucosal glands in our mouths offer a direct pathway into the bloodstream where CBD can be distributed throughout the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil is popular because it has few side effects and relatively high bioavailability. 

RUDERALEX® full-spectrum CBD oil is sourced from ethically grown hemp, in full compliance with EU regulations. We extract our cannabinoid and terpene-rich distillate under Bio Suisse certified guidelines and test the products for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and cannabinoids in a 3rd party lab. Tests in the form of COAs are readily available for all RUDERALEX® products on our website.

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is believed to play a significant role in keeping our bodies in homeostasis or balance. Scientific research has found that the ECS regulates bodily functions such as mood, memory, inflammation, pain response, appetite, and the sleep-wake cycle. 


Water Soluble CBD Drops

Similar to CBD oil drops, however you now have a CBD product with a patented fast absorbing formulation; you can expect up-to 5 times better bioavailability.  Water soluble CBD drops, give you a better versatile product that easily mixes into your favourite drink or beverage.

With this powerful formula, you will need to use less CBD, with a better effect.


CBD Vape Juice

Vaping CBD is the number one way to deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream. Our lungs fill up with blood providing extremely high absorption rates. If you aren't concerned with the adverse effects of inhaling smoke, vaping CBD is the best way to get your daily dose. 

RUDERALEX® CBD vape juice comes in various delicious flavours and is an excellent alternative to nicotine-infused vape products.  


CBD Edibles


We offer a variety of CBD edibles, including gummies, capsules, and tablets. Many users are turned off by taking CBD sublingually and prefer a traditional administration method. Edibles are easy to take on the go and offer users precise dosing. 

Gummies are one of the most popular RUDERALEX® products. We offer a variety of tasty flavours and dosage levels per gummy. Our customers can't get enough of the gummies; they are easy to take and are much easier to break down, leading to higher bioavailability rates. 

CBD Drinks

cbd drink

CBD drinks are a great way to get your precise daily dosage if you don't like the earthy taste of hemp. You won't even realize you are taking CBD. We offer various popular types of drinks, ready to be shipped directly to your mailbox and into the fridge. 



Dabs are the latest development in cannabis administration. CBD, other beneficial cannabinoids, and terpenes are extracted from the hemp plant and smoked in their purest form. RUDERALEX® offers customers CBD shatter, crumble, and sauce; each has a slightly different consistency and cannabinoid to terpene ratio. Head over to our article about CBD concentrates for more information on each type of concentrate. 

CBD Cosmetics

CBD-infused cosmetic products are gaining in popularity in London and around the world. RUDERALEX® offers dermatologically tested targeted skin therapy products infused with CBD to enhance the effectiveness of other cosmetics ingredients. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic products, including lotion, cream, balm, and serum. Experts believe CBD combats visible signs of aging with its powerful antioxidant properties. 


CBD For Pets

Londoners enjoy CBD products so much they are giving the hemp extract to their pets. While cats, dogs, and other mammals have an ECS and benefit from taking human-grade CBD, we recommend checking out our species-specific CBD line. Experts believe that CBD can reduce separation anxiety and improve mobility in animals suffering from arthritis. 

Where to Buy Cannabidiol in London?

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CBD laws may not be as lenient in London as in North America, but there's no shortage of quality products. There are numerous opportunities to buy CBD in brick-and-mortar stores. You've probably noticed CBD shops popping up around London and your local market carrying the latest health craze.

Below are all the available places to buy CBD in London. 

CBD Coffee Shops

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In the past few years, CBD coffee shops have started to appear around London. You can actually order a coffee infused with CBD, getting your dose while sipping your favourite warm beverage.

Even if you can't find a CBD coffee shop, you can always add your own CBD oil into a coffee brewed at a traditional café. 

Here are some of the CBD coffee shops, food shops and restaurants in London:

  • Mortimer House Kitchen
  • Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals
  • Glow Bar
  • Behind This Wall
  • Farmacy Kitchen
  • Kalifornia Kitchen
  • Maison Bab
  • Indiebeer
  • The Feel Good Café
  • Farm Girl
  • Planet Organic

Specialist Organic Shops

Organic food and CBD go hand and hand. So it's no surprise that organic shops were some of the first retail stores to carry CBD products. 


Larger grocery stores like Tesco, Asda, and Sainsbury also carry various CBD products. You will find CBD oil, lotions, gummies, and cosmetics in nearly all supermarkets in London. 


Another option is to get CBD from your local pharmacy. Boots, Superdrug, and other local pharmacies most likely carry CBD products. 

CBD Dispensary London

Specialty CBD shops are seemingly on every corner in some parts of London. These stores are dedicated to solely selling CBD products. As a result, they will have the most variety, and there's a better chance of someone on staff knowing what they are talking about than other retail options. 

Health Food and Vitamin Shops

CBD products are also available at health food and vitamin shops; they usually have a pretty good variety of oils, lotions, edibles, and topicals. Health food and vitamin shops' selection is typically better than supermarkets and pharmacies because CBD fits the holistic health and wellness movement.

Convenience Stores and Petrol Pumps

It is not just that main shops that only sell Cannabidiol products but also your local convenience store or petrol pump is likely to stock some CBD products.  The range may be a limited line of CBD items, however you are likely to find vapes or oils.  As the popularity of CBD becomes more mainstream, these outlets may extend their offerings.

CBD Online

Searching "CBD in London" "buy CBD online in London" or "buy CBD oil in London" into Google or your preferred search engine, you will get an overwhelming number of results. Some companies sell quality products; some are complete scams and shouldn't be allowed to pose as a CBD brand. 

Buying online from a trusted brand like RUDERALEX® is by far your best option. Buying from a reputable brand allows the convenience of ordering online and is a one-stop-shop for every type of CBD product you could ever want. With our diverse product line, you don't have to gamble with a product that's been sitting on a shelf at your local grocery store for a year, and you can rest assured it is the highest quality CBD available. 

How to Buy the Best CBD Products in London

Whether you are buying CBD products from a retail store or a reputable online company like RUDERALEX®, there are a number of factors to check before making a purchase.

  • 100% organic ingredients. Be sure you know what is in your products. You don't want to put anything in your body you can't pronounce. 
  • Customer feedback. Reputable brands should have reviews. CBD users are passionate and will leave explicit feedback if the products are delivering benefits. 
  • How was your CBD made? All CBD companies should communicate their extraction method; CO2 is the industry standard because it is safe and doesn't leave any residual solvents in the final product. 
  • Check lab tests to confirm cannabinoid potency claims. COAs should be readily available and from a credible 3rd party lab. Testing is the only way to ensure your products contain CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids (if you are buying full or broad-spectrum).
  • Check lab tests for heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. You don't want these harmful chemicals in your products; legitimate brands should have these tests readily available as well. 

Purchasing CBD Products Online from RUDERALEX® is Your Best Option

There are plenty of ways to purchase CBD products in London, but the best option is to buy online from RUDERALEX®. Retail stores don't provide the transparency, consistency, or variety of products available from our online platform.

RUDERALEX® offers complete transparency with 3rd party lab tests verifying cannabinoid and terpene potency. COAs are also confirm all products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. In addition, all RUDERALEX® products are 100% organic; you won't find any fillers or ingredients that aren't safely derived from plants in our products.

Londoners can have confidence in buying online from RUDERALEX®; we have the highest quality CBD products sourced from the best hemp plant genetics and grown by professional farmers. Check out our extensive product line today for the best selection of CBD in London. 

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Here is a list of areas in London that you can buy CBD from:

 London Area Borough
West London Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea
North London Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Islington
North-East London Waltham Forest
North-West London Brent, Harrow
East London Barking and Dagenham, Hackney, Havering, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets
South London Bromley, Croydon, Lambeth, Lewisham, Sutton
South-East London Bexley, Greenwich, Southwark
South-West London Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Wandsworth
Central London Camden, City Of London, City Of Westminster


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